Lean Protection Module


The best protection you can get for your engine.  Nothing destroys an engine like going lean especially on a boosted motor.  You don’t have minutes or even seconds to save a boosted motor once it goes lean.  It needs to be shutdown immediately or suffer permanent damage requiring an engine rebuild.

Are you running water methanol injection and afraid the system will fail and your car will go lean?

Do you fear a bad tune on your car?  Or how about one of your fuel pumps failing and you don’t find out till you’re wide open throttle going lean?

The MD Racing Lean Protection Module uses the latest in electronic monitoring to monitor your wideband’s output and the throttle position of the car.  Monitoring thousands of times per second the instant your car attempts to go lean while under wide open throttle the Lean Protection Module will shut you down saving the engine.  You simply take your foot off the gas pedal and lightly depress back on it and your engine will come back to life and you can keep driving on safely with an unharmed engine.

Includes module, wiring harnesses and USB data cable.

Can be configured with both MAC or PC.