SN95 Returnless Pump Module

Sales price $455.00
2 x Walbro F10000302
Feed Fitting
Return Fitting
Electrical Upgrade
  • Dual pump module
  • Configurations available for returnless duty
  • Supports 600+ rwhp
Electronic returnless configured fuel pump module. Fully upgradeable to operation in a return fuel system.
  • E85 and race fuel compatible (see pump manufacturer recommendations on fuel compatibility)
  • Accepts OEM level sender from '03-'04 Cobra and '99-'04 GT/Cobra/Mach1
  • Viton o-ring pump seals totally eliminate in-tank fuel hose failures.
  • Deletes restrictive PPRV for highest performance and consistent output
  • Polymer pump support eliminates pump body electrolysis and minimizes noise
  • Hermetic wire seal completely eliminates the chance for leaks/smell

* You MUST upgrade the FPDM and electrical system to properly support these upgraded pumps. Suggest dual drivers for best results. Consult with your tuner before selecting pumps.