Viking Crusader Rear Coil Over 0 - 2 Drop

Viking Crusader 0 - 2" drop rear coil over.
Sales price $716.00
Spring Rate

They are all double adjustable, allowing the user to independently adjust compression and rebound. 

• Lightweight aluminum twin-tube design with a sleek clear anodized finish. 
• Adjustment knobs labeled with a "C" for compression and "R" for rebound
• Viking maximizes stroke for each body length, ensuring you get the most travel out of your strut.
• Aluminum, precision machined piston with a PTFE/bronze piston seal. 
• Each shock/strut is dyno tested and serialized
• Coil Over shocks/struts have stainless steel bearing mounts to perform better in supporting the weight of the vehicle and provide for misalignment when needed.


Viking Valving options:

SP (Street Performance): Choose this Warrior valving for vehicles that are mostly driven on the street with occasional track use.  The force range provides for a comfortable ride, but still allows for superior handling when desired.

CR (Cruise): Opt for this Crusader Valving when ride comfort is key.

DL (Drag Lower Horsepower): Select this specialized Crusader valving for drag racing applications making less than 600 HP that run a big tire.

DH (Drag Higher Horsepower): Choose this specialized Crusader valving for drag racing applications that make more than 600 HP or are running a small tire/drag radial.

PT (Pro-Touring): Opt for the Crusader firm valving for track-focused autocross or road course vehicles.