GT500 Flow Mod

GT500 Intercooler flow mod for improved cooling of supercharger intake charge.
Sales price $600.00
H/E 1 Inch fittings

The intercooler flow mod was created to combat the notorious heat soaking issues with the GT500 due to an under built A2W system when increasing boost and horsepower.

Customers can expect to see anywhere from a 20* to 50*+ drop in IAT2 under wide open throttle conditions.  The variance in temperature drops depends on each individual setup.  In most conditions with a complete system users can expect to plateau IAT2 in the 100* range on straight water, and 80’s on ice.

Kit includes:

  • Inlet ported/milled from .500″ to .870″
  • Outlet ported/milled from .500″ to .870″
  • New flow tubes increased to .870″ I.D. from .552″ I.D.
  • CNC Billet End Adapter
  • 1″ weld-on barbs for heat exchanger

Advantages to the flow mod over other options includes:

  • No need for icing in most cases
  • Air conditioning performance not sacrificed
  • Self recovers
  • Pulls more heat under WOT

For best performance the flow mod needs to be used in conjunction with a trunk mounted reservoir and aftermarket pump.  Kit includes the parts needed to upgrade your heat exchanger and we offer this labor service as well.

Customer supplied core is required for each purchase.  Can be used with 07-12 Core, 13/14 Core, or KB Biggun