Viking Warrior Performance 79-04 Shock

VI-KING b224 Warrior rear performance shock for Mustang with 0-2" drop.
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5 Main variations of this shock are produced.  Highlighted in bold is this shock:
  • SP (Street Performance): Choose this Warrior valving for vehicles that are mostly driven on the street with occasional track use.  The force range provides for a comfortable ride, but still allows for superior handling when desired.
  • CR (Cruise): Opt for this Crusader Valving when ride comfort is key.
  • DL (Drag Lower Horsepower): Select this specialized Crusader valving for drag racing applications making less than 600 HP that run a big tire.
  • DH (Drag Higher Horsepower): Choose this specialized Crusader valving for drag racing applications that make more than 600 HP or are running a small tire/drag radial.
  • PT (Pro-Touring): Opt for the Crusader firm valving for track-focused autocross or road course vehicles.

Viking currently offers three different damping series:

* WarriorTM digressive valved shocks and struts for vehicles driven mostly on the street with occasional track use;
* CrusaderTM digressive/progressive valved shocks and struts for application specific vehicles (e.g. cruising, drag racing, pro touring, etc.); and
* Berserker ASMTM (Active Shock Management) system for self-adjusting “smart” shocks.

Viking WarriorTM and CrusaderTM shocks and struts are all double adjustable, allowing the user to independently adjust compression and rebound. For fine tuning ride quality and performance, double adjustables provide significantly more tuning capability than single adjustable or non-adjustable shocks.

All Viking double adjustable shocks and struts feature:

* Lightweight aluminum twin-tube design with a sleek clear anodized finish.
* Adjustment knobs: Labeled with a “C” for compression and an “R” for rebound.
* Viking maximizes stroke for each body length, ensuring you get the most travel out of your shock and strut.
* Aluminum, precision machined piston with a deflective disc and a P.T.F.E. / bronze piston seal.
* Hard chrome plated, centerless ground piston rod (shocks utilize a 5/8" rod; struts utilize a 7/8" rod).
* Three-step sealing system.
* Each shock and strut is dyno tested and serialized.
* All shocks and struts can be rebuilt or revalved by the Viking factory or any authorized rebuilder. Crusader rebound valving range may be easily revalved by the user.
* In coil-over shocks, Viking provides bearing mounts as standard, not the less expensive poly mounts. Bearings perform better in supporting the weight of the vehicle and provide for misalignment when needed, thereby relieving unnecessary stress on the piston rod and seals. They are also very durable and don't break down like poly mounts do over time.

* In bearing mount shocks, Viking uses stainless steel bearing races, not inexpensive nylon race bearings like some competing brands.
* Left hand threads between the base and the body ensures that the shock doesn’t come apart when adjusting the ride height, as can occur with certain other brands.
* Viking's double adjustable shocks and struts are priced close to the single adjustable price of most other manufacturers. Viking focuses on double adjustable shocks and struts only, which means a lower price for you!
* Two year materials and workmanship warranty.
* Made in the U.S.A.: Each shock and strut is hand built in our Lakeville, Minnesota factory.



Viking WarriorTM shocks and struts have a digressive force curve for both compression and rebound.

This means that forces increase quickly at low shaft speeds and level off at higher shaft speeds.

This valving provides excellent low speed control with sufficient high speed forces. Each adjustment knob (compression and rebound) provides for 19 positions of adjustment - the zero position and 18 distinctive clicks - providing for a total of 361 valving combinations. The large adjustment range allows the user to adjust for comfortable cruising to high performance racing, and everything in between. The valving adjustments are evenly spaced from click to click. Viking provides easy-to-read instructions with starting points depending on the application making for easy set-up and tuning.

Other valve options are also available, such as a solid piston providing for significant additional compression forces and circulation of the oil through the outer body, thereby reducing heat.


The patented Viking CrusaderTM shock absorbers and struts were developed based on requests from the pro-touring community, along with the small drag radial and high horsepower drag race customers. With these vehicles, there are situations that require rebound forces in excess of what standard passive adjustable shock absorbers and struts can provide. The other factor in our design parameters was the frustration that adjustable shocks and struts, in general, are too complex for the average person to be able to revalve.

From these requests, the CrusaderTM was born. These shock absorbers and struts have the same digressive compression valving, and various options thereof, as the WarriorTM line. As such, there are 19 positions of evenly spaced compression adjustments - the zero position and 18 distinctive clicks. The rebound valving, however, is a progressive valve that is strictly determined via orifice control. A progressive valve will have a softer low speed force that ramps up very quickly as shaft speed increases. These shocks and struts can generate huge forces at low speeds, depending on the needle and seat combination selected. In fact, this line of shock absorbers and struts produces forces far greater than nearly all others on the market. The rebound side has 22 available positions of adjustment - the zero position and 21 distinctive clicks. As a result, the CrusaderTM line provides for 418 different valving combinations. Depending on the needle and seat combination selected, the adjustment range can cover a very large range or a more narrow range with very small defined increments.

These patented shock absorbers and struts feature an interchangeable needle and seat design. The rebound
valving adjustment range can be changed without completely disassembling the shock absorber. With the shock or strut in a vice on its side in the fully extended position, the rebound knob
can be taken off, and the needle and seat combination can be changed out.
This is all done with basic hand tools. There are no expensive “special tools” required to be purchased from Viking. The process is similar to jetting a carburetor. Obviously, it is critical that everything be kept extremely clean, as there are very small orifices that must be kept free of debris.

The end user can choose from a variety of progressive force ranges such as an extreme, high-force progressive valving that is ideal for drag racing, road racing and other applications where high forces are required, or a soft valving for the ultimate comfort ride. Multiple other valving ranges are also available.

NOTE: Does not fit IRS Cobra's