If you're wanting to clean up the P/S lines and use AN lines and even better tuck them in the fender to clean up the engine bay here's the fittings and parts you need.

Remember P/S system's pressure lines are very high pressure.  Make sure you use proper hose rated for the pressure.


Here are the part #s.  Most of this all comes from Summit Racing

The low pressure out fitting on the hydro boost can be a bit more difficult to find.  Be aware on 03/04 Cobras it's a regular right hand thread but on some model years it's a left hand thread so be careful with it.

Here are the specs of that fitting.  It can be found much cheaper on eBay.  At the current time this eBay link is valid but if it's not just search by specs



Here's a diagram I found floating around on the internet.  I'm not sure who originally created it but it does give the layout of what connects to what which can be handy when you're plumbing it all up and have never done this before.  I have NOT validated the part #s on this diagram.  I did my own research and posted that above.

Sample of getting the hoses out towards the fender.  Low pressure return line had not been installed yet in this pic.

Example of how the engine bay got cleaned up.

How the pressure lines ran inside the fender

Power steering high pressure line out

Power steering rack high pressure line

The finished product below.  You can see how much cleaner it is without the power steering lines all over the place.  The round aluminum canister is the power steering reservoir.  I welded it up with some 3" OD aluminum stock I had laying around.  It's baffled and works much like stock.  The square container next to it is the engine coolant expansion tank.