Ultimate Catch Can Setup


Why ultimate?  I just call it that because it has no stinky smell commonly associated with catch cans or breathers.   


The concept is simple.  A catch can is attached to each valve cover but instead of a breather filter on top of the catch can it has a hose that runs into the exhaust so any stinky vapors get burnt off in the exhaust.  There are applications where I've also had the catch can drain tap directly into the oil pan so they're 100% maintenance free.  In the case of the Cobra the oil caught is minimal and I decided to not plumb it that way.


Here's the two catch cans I built.  One per side, still in construction phase here.


My idea of a baffle to stop oil going out the top :)


I know it seems overly simple but it's very effective.  The long plate hanging down cools and collects the hot oil vapors as it hits and the top shrouded parts stops oil blowing straight out the top


Here you can see that instead of a breather on top I put a 180 and that hose is running off to the exhaust.  I also welded a bracket on to mount it.  It was different for each side of the car.


Here you can see the catch location.  Hidden in the fender behind the front wheel.  Once the wheel liner goes it's completely hidden.  Hose routing is marked in pic.


This is the stub of exhaust that connects the cat back to the X pipe.  Here I added a tube for the catch can to feed into.  It's setup so it creates a venturi effect to help suck the vapors from the catch can.


The two pipes ready to go.


Here's the underside where the tops of the catch cans feed into the exhaust.  I used a high temp silicone hose here.


You can see the drain valve just peaking out there.  That's so I don't have to pull a wheel or liner or anything to drain the catch cans.  Just spin that valve.